Meet the Tinker

German-born craftsman Werner "Randy" Randall has been a woodworker all his life. His 1,800 sq. ft. shop was designed for ease of use and efficiency, whether he's building custom cabinets for a kitchen makeover or handcrafted wooden toys. Werner developed the design for Creative Builder Cabins decades ago, when his own four sons were youngsters, and has adapted the idea over the years for an even better childhood experience.

Werner is now a proud grandparent, and his own grandson enjoys building and playing in his very own cabin.

The Tinker's Bench is one facet of Werner's Woodworks, a one-man shop located in Marysville, Washington. Werner Randall is the Tinker, a maker of fine wooden toys and playthings, as well as furniture, custom cabinets and other unique home decor items that are both decorative and highly functional.

The Tinker's Bench • Marysville, WA • (360) 654-0754 •